The wide array of services we provide at Gap Mountain Drilling is unparalleled in the region. Homes and commercial properties alike have benefited from our services such as:

Geothermal Drilling

The key to controlling energy bills can be found underneath your own home! At Gap Mountain Drilling, we offer a cost-effective solution to the ever increasing cost of heating and cooling. Our geothermal heating and cooling systems are a sure way of maintaining comfort in your home or commercial building all year long. By tapping into the energy underneath the ground, the geothermal heat pump system we install in your property will provide even heating and cooling. Not only can you save on energy expenses, you’ll have renewable heat that poses no harm to the environment. A geothermal heat pump system also has other advantages such as a long service lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.

Pump Systems & Service

From submersible pumps to complex constant pressure systems, our highly-skilled technicians have extensive experience and are fully licensed in installing pump systems. You can also rely on our specialists to provide pump and water solutions anytime. Just give us a call and help will be dispatched as soon as possible!

Water Treatment and Filtration

Whether you have well or city water, a water treatment and filtration service is necessary to eliminate potentially harmful contaminants, odors, sediments, and/or staining. The experienced team at Gap Mountain Drilling, LLC will help to ensure the water you and your family or employees uses is safe, clean, and healthy for everyone.

Hydro-fracture Services

We are also the leading provider of hydrofracture services in the region. If you are having problems getting enough water from your well, call us so that we can look directly into your water supply. Small fractures or accumulation of minerals and sediments in fractures often result to a decrease in the water your well can provide. Our team of specialists has the knowledge and experience to make sure that the whole hydro-fracture process is done safely and successfully. We rehabilitate both new and old wells so that you can enjoy optimum water yield.

Water Well Drilling

Aside from our geothermal drilling services, we also provide water well drilling for new residences and facilities or for properties in need of a replacement well. Call us today so that our well specialist can conduct a site visit and discuss ideal well locations with you. You don’t need to worry about the project details; our groundwater professionals will take care of the process from start to finish.

Increase your savings and enjoy the certainty of having your own water and heating sources.

Call us today at 1(800)-699-9506 for geothermal drilling and heating systems, pump systems, hydro-fracturing, and water treatment and filtration services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the Vermont Regions.