Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Gap Mountain Drilling works alongside local and reputable HVAC companies to design and install geothermal heat pump systems. Each geothermal system built consists of a heat exchanger, a heat pump, and an air delivery system or ductwork. The heat exchanger is a system of pipes shallowly buried in the ground near the building which the heat pump system is being used for.

Highly efficient and expertly made with the highest quality materials, the geothermal heat pump system effectively removes heat from the heat exchanger and pumps it into the indoor air delivery system, allowing the rooms in the building to remain warm in the winter. During the summer, the process is reversed as the indoors are kept cool by the heat pump taking heat from the indoor air and transferring it into the heat exchanger. The heat removed from the indoor air is then used to produce hot water.

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Geothermal Services

Gap Mountain Drilling is committed to serving as the leading geothermal well drilling company in the state. Partnering with expert HVAC companies, we provide designs and installation of different geothermal heating systems throughout New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont. There are many steps that go into building and maintaining a reliable geothermal system, and with our help, your establishment can have an efficient and effective heating and cooling system that will last for a long time. Our geothermal specialties include:

  • Consulting and Feasibility Studies
  • Site Visits and Permitting
  • Heat Loss Studies and Equipment Sizing
  • Geothermal Ground Heat Exchanger Design
  • Formation Thermal Conductivity Testing
  • Geothermal Drilling & Loop Installation

  • Site work – Excavation Services
  • Thermally Enhanced Grouting
  • Fusion and Headering Services and Design
  • Pressure Testing – Flow Testing
  • Purging and Charging Services

There are two types of Ground Heat Exchange Systems

Either of which can be implemented depending on the type of building, its environment, the space available, and, of course, your heating requirements.

Closed-Loop Systems

Closed-systems are composed of a buried piping system with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings. The system is buried in the ground in either horizontal trenches or vertical wells, with the existing ground loop serving as the primary source of heat exchange for the home or building. Prior to being buried in the ground, the piping system is filled with a water or an antifreeze solution. The fluid continuously circulates between the GSHP unit and the pipes, where during the winter it absorbs heat from the ground, and during the summer it rejects heat.

Open-Loop Systems

Open-loop systems offer a more direct approach, extracting water straight out of a water source, and running it through the water-refrigerant heat exchanger present in the GSHP unit. After the heat pump receives the heat generated from the water, the water is then disposed of. It is either expelled back to the well or pond it came from, or transferred to a drainage ditch as required by local code.

Increase your savings and enjoy the certainty of having your own water and heating sources.

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